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Smartphone Plans

Access email, instant messaging and the Internet on the go! Choose from our Smartphone plans to make sure you stay connected at all times.

Monthly Fee






Anytime Minutes1

100 Canada-Wide

200 Canada-Wide

250 Canada-Wide

300 Canada-Wide

400 Canada-Wide

Evening & Weekend Minutes



Included Data3

100 MB

500 MB

500 MB

750 MB

1 GB

Text Messaging4

UNLIMITED Text, Picture and Video Messages (Canada and International)

Calling Features



Canada-Wide Incoming Calls2

Included Features5

Voicemail, Call Display, Name Display, Call Waiting & Group Calling

Offers shown are for new activations only or while quantities last and are subject to change without notice. Not available in-store. Usage is charged per minute and rounded up. Minutes in plans apply to local airtime used for outgoing and incoming calls. Additional local wireless usage is $0.35/minute. Wireless long distance (calls made within Canada to either Canada or the continental U.S.) is $0.35/minute; airtime not included. Evenings: Mon-Fri 6PM-7AM; Weekends: Fri 6PM-Mon 7AM. 411, roaming, optional services, data use ($1/MB without a voice & data plan or bundle) and taxes are extra. Provincial 911 emergency services fees: NS 43¢/mo, AB 44¢/mo, QC 46¢/mo, NB 53¢/mo, SK 62¢/mo, PEI 70¢/mo, NL 75¢/mo.

(1) Canada-Wide minutes include local and long distance calls to Canadian numbers, made within Canada. Additional Canada-Wide minutes are $0.35/ minute and include both the airtime and long distance charges. Wireless U.S. long distance (calls made within Canada to the continental U.S.) is $0.35/minute; airtime not included.

(2) Canada-wide airtime minutes only. Long distance charges apply when outside your local calling area.

(3) Includes data use in Canada only: 50 MB / 100 MB / 200 MB: $0.15/additional MB used. 500 MB / 750 MB: $0.05/additional MB used. 1 GB: $0.02/additional MB used. Data charges while roaming: $1/MB in the U.S.

(4) $18/month plan includes text messages sent within Canada. Plans starting from $22/month include text messages sent from Canada to Canadian and international wireless numbers. $0.20/additional sent text to Canada. $0.25/additional sent text to the U.S. $0.35/additional sent text internationally. Picture and video messages require data, and are only available in select wireless plans. Messages sent while roaming not included.

(5) Mini voicemail, call display and name display included on plans starting from $22/month.

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