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Mobile FAQ

What number do I call to reach SearsConnect Customer Care?

You can speak to a SearsConnect Customer Care Representative by calling 1-866-669-3663. You can also dial 611 on your SearsConnect cell phone.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped to me?

Allow 3-5 business days for delivery from the time of order.

What is a SIM card?

A SIM card, also referred to as a smart card, is necessary for the operation of GSM phones. It stores your service information and can be used to store your phone book entries. The SIM card comes pre-inserted and pre-activated with your new SearsConnect phone.

Do I receive warranty with my new cell phone?

SearsConnect phones come with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. All accessories and batteries come with a 90-day warranty. Any malfunction due to misuse, physical or liquid damage is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Lost or stolen phones are the responsibility of the owner and are not covered under warranty. Please call Customer Care for warranty assistance.

How does the 30-day Money Back Guarantee work?

You may return Equipment purchased from Cityfone within 30 days from the date of activation of the Equipment to us as long as you return it to us in complete and original condition and you have not used more than your plan’s monthly voice, text and data usage limits. Cityfone will refund you the purchase price for the returned Equipment and will not charge you any Early Cancellation Fee, provided that you return the Equipment in its original condition, together with all accessories, manuals and packaging. If your Equipment is not returned in its complete and original condition or any accessories, manuals or packaging are missing or damaged, Cityfone may, at its discretion, still accept the return of your Equipment. However, we may charge a replacement fee for any of the missing or damaged items. A list of these fees is available on the Charges and Service Fees page. You will be billed for all charges incurred up to the cancellation date. After 30 days, you will be responsible for an Early Cancellation Fee equal to the device subsidy multiplied by the number of months remaining in your contract term divided by the total number of months of your term (plus applicable taxes).

What charges will appear on my first invoice?

Your first invoice will be slightly different as it includes the advance billing for the current month and a prorated charge for the month in which the service was activated. This charge is equal to the monthly plan amount prorated by the number of days from activation until month end. Don't worry --- your future invoices will only include one month's worth of charges.

What charges will appear on my last invoice?

Your last invoice will not contain any charges for monthly services, just unbilled additional usage, long distance, roaming, SMS and other similar usage charges. These charges can sometimes take up to two months from the date of cancellation to appear on your wireless invoice.

How do I pay my monthly bill?

Your monthly bill is conveniently charged to your Sears Card on the 19th of each month. You will receive a Statement from Cityfone detailing your monthly wireless charges. When you receive your Sears Card statement, your SearsConnect charge will be identified as Cityfone Telecommunications.

Does the battery need to be fully drained before I charge it?

Your phone's battery should be properly conditioned to reach its peak performance. The battery should be drained fully and charged at least 14 hours for the first 3 to 4 times. For the best reference, please consult the manual that comes with your phone.

Why don't all numbers display on my call display?

If your call display does not work, please check the following:

  • Have you subscribed to Call Display?
  • Some numbers are blocked and will not be displayed on a phone.

These are numbers such as 1-800 numbers, private numbers, numbers blocked by the calling party, calls originating from a business switchboard or a pay phone, accidental roaming, roaming outside of Canada, internationally originated calls and calls forwarded to your phone from another phone.

What should I do if I lost my phone or if it is stolen?

Call Customer Care immediately and report your phone missing. Customers calling after business hours are advised to leave a voice message with their account and cell phone number. SearsConnect will suspend the phone and block it from any further use. Once you've called Customer Care, a representative will provide you with options to obtain another phone if necessary.

Can I change my plan or wireless extras service options?

Certainly. If you are interested in changing plans or your wireless extras service options, be sure to contact us 7 days prior to month end to have a plan change made effective for the first of the following month.

Can I keep my current phone number and switch to SearsConnect?

Call customer care at 1-866-669-3663 and we will check whether your number is eligible for transferring, free of charge. If it is, we will start the process of transferring. You can select the plan and phone combination that’s right for you.

What is roaming and what are the charges?

Roaming is when you are using the services of another carrier's network outside of Canada. Roaming usage is charged on a per minute basis and all charges are expressed in Canadian funds.
Calls made while roaming are not included in your monthly plan. There is now only one per minute rate for each country and region, making it easier to budget and track your roaming usage. Charges range from $1.45 to $4 per minute (plus taxes) for any type of call made or received. Click for more details.

How can I set up and check my voicemail?

Setting Up and Checking Voicemail (if applicable)

To set up voicemail:

1.    Press and hold the 1 key on your mobile phone.
2.    Follow the voice prompts to enter your personal password and greeting.

To check voicemail:

1.    Press and hold the 1 key until dialling begins. (To access from another phone; skip this step. Dial your mobile number and interrupt the greeting by pressing #.)
2.    Follow the prompt to enter your password and review your first message.
3.    Once you have reviewed the message, you may erase it by pressing 7 or save it by pressing 9.

Note: Accessing your voicemail from your mobile phone uses airtime minutes.

How do I change the ringer volume?

On most wireless phones, the volume can be set by either the navigation key or dedicated volume control key. Volume settings can also be changed directly from the PHONE SETTINGS option from the Main Menu of your phone.

I can't hear the other person. Is there something wrong?

Your speaker volume may be turned down. In order to increase the speaker volume you must adjust the setting while on a call.

My screen is black. What do I do?

Make sure the phone is turned on and fully charged. If your battery is drained it will shut off the phone, which results in a black screen. You must charge the phone and use the power button to turn it back on.

If your battery is fully charged it could be due to the backlight being turned off. In order to save power, all phones turn off the backlight after idling for a short amount of time. To turn on the backlight, press any key on the phone (make sure the key-lock function is off).

How is wireless 911 different from landline 911?

Read about our 911 service on our information page.

What is the CCTS?

A: CCTS is an agency independent of the telecommunications industry, whose mandate is to resolve complaints of individual and small business retail customers about their telecommunications services. If you have a complaint about your services, including local or long distance telephone services, wireless telephone service, or Internet service, you must first try to resolve it directly with your service provider. If you have done so and have been unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, CCTS may be able to help you, free of charge. To learn more about CCTS, you may visit its website at or call toll-free at 1-888-221-1687.

What is SearsConnect's process should I have a concern or complaint?

A: At SearsConnect, we strive to provide outstanding customer service each and every day. We realize that there's always room for improvement so we want to make it easy for you to voice any concerns you may have and resolve them in a satisfactory manner.

* STEP 1: Contact Customer Service here to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding our service. Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist.

* STEP 2: You can request to speak with a Team Leader if the Customer Service Representative is unable to resolve your concern to your satisfaction. The Team Leader will do everything in their power to solve your problem. We suggest you take the following information for reference:

1. The Team Leader's name and extension number
2. The date & time the conversation took place

* STEP 3: Most complaints will be resolved within the first two steps. If not, we encourage you to contact our Call Centre Manager. Our Team Leaders will be happy to provide you with the direct contact information of our Call Centre Manager.

* STEP 4: Should your concern still be unresolved after completing the previous steps, you may pursue the issue further by filing your complaint with the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS).

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